SPILLTECH SPKHZ-95 HazMat 95-Gallon DOT-Approved Overpack Spill Kit


SPILLTECH SPKHZ-95 HazMat 95-Gallon DOT-Approved Overpack Spill Kit

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Be Prepared for Fast Response with SpillTech® HazMat Spill Kits

Quick Response is Key
Spills happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Forklifts knock over drums, tanks are punctured and transporters leak and drip.
That’s why it is important to have the right sorbents on-hand when these spills occur. A quick response is the first order of business - and your best weapon - in the fight against spills.

95-Gallon HazMat Spill Kit
Includes a variety of sorbents to handle nearly any type of caustic, hazardous or unknown spill — including acids, bases, solvents and chemicals; pre-packed in an X-rated DOT-approved 95-Gallon OverPack.
Kit Contents:
• 150 – 15"x19" Pads
• 6 – 3"x8' Socks
• 12 – 3"x4' Socks
• 7 – 18"x18" Pillows
• 2 – Pair Nitrile Gloves
• 1 – Spill Kit Label
• 3 – Tubs Plug & Dike
• 1 – Pair Goggles
• 4 – Yellow Disposal Bags & Ties
• 6 – Tamper-Proof Labels
• 1 – Emergency Response GuideBook
• Absorbs up to 84.0 gallons/kit

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