SPENCER SK20002E Evacuation Chair


SPENCER SK20002E Evacuation Chair

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Evacuation chair for immediate use.

The SKID evacuation chair can be used by a single operator thanks to a special system that makes it light, safe and easy to move and use.
The SKID chair is useful in companies, schools, hospitals and in every place where danger situations must be evacuated quickly.
It is studied for the most common and most difficult emergency situations such as descending fire stairs and rolling easily on landings and corridors.

Recommended quantities for medium-crowded medium-sized spaces are one Skid evacuation chair for every 25 individuals up to 100 individuals. In case of the presence of more that 100 individuals, 4 units plus one unit for every 50 individuals are recommended. In case of the presence of more than 1000 individuals, 20 units plus one unit for every 100 individuals are recommended.

• The chair has a caterpillar belt system that allows movement down the stairs with the help of one operator only
• The frame’s tubes have a minimum diameter of 25 mm up to a maximum of 35 mm in order to improve stability, strength and durability
• The chair’s backrest is made out of two horizontal supports
• The main wheels have a diameter of 200 mm in order to improve stability, comfort and movement
• The front wheels have a brake system which blocks both horizontal and vertical rotation to stop movement even on steep slopes
• The chair has a headrest with head-fixing belt system in order to improve safety
• Both headrest and seat are detachable, padded and made out of vinyl material coating 600D, antibacterial and completely filled in order to improve comfort, hygiene and durability
• Integrated instruction provided on the head rest
• Meet 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive
• Carrying capacity – 150 Kg
• Unit weight – 10 Kg

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